How to Use Hair Rollers For Voluminous Curls

You are mistaken if you believe that the use of hair rollers is limited to creating vintage Hollywood waves. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen them on social media or heard your favorite Hollywood actresses sing their praises, hair rollers are all over the place in today’s culture.

However, we are not talking about those cumbersome use of hair rollers that are difficult to use that your grandmother used to have back in the day. These upgraded hair curlers are easy to use and straightforward, enabling anyone, regardless of their level of expertise, to achieve the waves and curls they have always desired.

How to Use Hair Rollers For Voluminous Curls
How to Use Hair Rollers For Voluminous Curls

It is difficult to know where to begin when shopping for hair rollers because there is such a vast selection available. When choosing a set, the first thing you should think about is your hair type and the kind of finish you want. The use of smaller rollers is recommended for the creation of bouncy coils, while the use of larger hair rollers is ideal for the creation of full and fluffy waves. A natural-looking pattern can also be achieved by utilizing a range of sizes in the pattern’s elements.

Next, select the type of rollers that you want to use: hot, foam, or velcro. What is the primary distinction? The quickness with which they get things done. Hot  hair rollers get the job done in a short amount of time, whereas foam rollers need to be left in for about eight hours.

How to Use Hot Hair Rollers

Do you want to have curls in five to fifteen minutes? Hot hair rollers are your best bet. Apply a heat protectant to your strands after they have been freshly washed and dried, and then brush through them to ensure that they are free of knots and tangles. Do this while your hot rollers are heating up. The next step is to divide your mane into sections and then position a roller at the very end of your hair. Roll it in the direction of your scalp, and then secure it with a clip. 

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How to Use Hair Rollers For Voluminous Curls

Continue the process while circling your head.

How to Use Foam Rollers

Foam hair rollers are an excellent option to consider if you are looking for a method that does not involve the use of heat. After you have washed and conditioned your hair, use a wide-tooth comb to comb through it while it is still damp from the towel. Next, work some styling cream through damp hair, then let it air dry to a point where it is just slightly damp.

When your hair is about 80 percent dry, take a one-inch section of your hair, place the roller at the end of your hair, roll it toward your roots, and then secure it. Once your hair is about 80 percent dry, you’re done. Continue in this manner until all of your hair is secured with bobby pins, and then finish by tying a silk scarf around your head to eliminate frizz and friction.

How to Use Velcro Rollers

Because they can be used on either wet or dry hair, velcro rollers are the most versatile curlers available. First, you should shampoo, condition, and brush your hair while taking care to avoid getting any knots or tangles in it. Next, either use a blow dryer or let your mane air dry until it is only slightly damp or completely dry, depending on which outcome you prefer. The next step is to separate a section of your hair approximately one inch wide, position the roller at the end of the section, and roll it in the direction of your scalp. To reduce the amount of time needed for drying, ensure that the hair is spread out evenly across the roller.

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How to Use Hair Rollers For Voluminous Curls

Wrapping Up

Almost every Black woman I know has, at some point in her life, subjected her hair to a hair rollers set, be it in a salon or at home in the days leading up to a significant event in the family’s calendar. This styling tool has been a mainstay in our community for many years, and it is an excellent alternative to applying heat directly to the hair if you have a little bit of extra time on your hands but don’t want to risk damaging your hair in the process.

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